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Craft Beer: Acid Jam is a belter of a sour beer, man

Paul McConville
ACID Jam may sound like a hazy, laid-back session which eventually led to the recording of a Pink Floyd album in the late 60s, but it is an intriguing twist on the rapidly popular world of sour beers.

James Street South Cookery School: Salads for warm summer days

Niall McKenna
WE HAVE been blessed with some spectacular weather recently and while I am the first to extol the virtues of pies and roasts, when the sun is shining and we are almost uncomfortably hot, we need something light and fresh and easy to enjoy of an evening or for lunch.

Eating Out: Scarpello take toasties to a whole new level

Dominic Kearney
WHAT would your superpower be? I’ve often fancied invisibility – purely for reasons of research, you understand – but I’d be worried it wouldn’t cover clothes, and how many really hot days do you ever get in Ireland? X-ray vision? That’s never made sense; you’d just see bones.

Eating Out: Tapa the world, Ma

Allison Morris
I COUNT myself a very lucky woman in that my best friend lives on the Costa Blanca, making trips to the sun little more than a cheap flight away.

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