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Jack Monroe: Sometimes even I don't want to go into the kitchen says cook

WHY is it that when we say 'comfort food', we think of 'treats' to indulge in every once in a while, or worse still, attach feelings of guilt or shame to comforting ourselves with food? Some days, you might have the energy and inclination to prepare an elaborate or seriously nutritious dish, but others you might think the only thing that's going to make you feel better is a stack of toast or a piece of cake – and that's OK, says Jack Monroe.

McDonald's opens 24 more drive-thrus

Maeve Connolly
McDonald's fans will be thrilled to know that 24 more drive-thrus have opened today, joining the Bangor and Newtownards branches which reopened yesterday.

Wine: A benchmark example of New Zealand Sauvignon

Blaxland Estate Shiraz, £5, Tesco Noted as one of the first settlers to plant grapes for winemaking purposes, Gregory Blaxland was the first person to export Australian wine to the UK way back in 1822.

Belfast baker Sarah Rainey's guide to how you can whip up a 'showstopper' in just six minutes

Ella Walker
DID you know it is possible to make meringue in a microwave? How about almost-instant ice cream with a freezer bag and some rock salt? Or a whole cake in the time it takes to boil an egg? It sounds like chemistry-lab level alchemy, but these are just some of the miraculous-sounding baking tips Belfast food writer Sarah Rainey shares in her new cookbook, 6-minute Showstoppers.