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Craft beer: Rascals' Strawberry Vanilla Shake a Willy Wonka brew

Paul McConville
THERE are some words that just don’t sound right together, like chocolate crisps or President Trump, and I thought I had come across another another such ill-combined couple of words when I picked up a ‘milkshake IPA’ from Rascals.

Eating Out: Would you murder a burger? Pablos the place for tasty if not tasteful

Seamus Maloney
THE food we gravitate to, the food we need, at two o’clock in the morning isn’t necessarily the food we’d want at a more sensible hour of the day or night. If you’re looking for something to eat at that time, odds are that it will arrive in you stomach on top of a lot of other stuff that’s been ingested – and may take its revenge in the not to distant future.

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