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Beer: Verdant maintain their fine reputation but not everyone has to brew one

Paul McConville
I FOUND myself asking after a weekend of varying beer experiences, does every brewery need to make an IPA? Now, many will probably argue that a nice, sessionable and accessible IPA can be a gateway beer for many breweries, but sometimes trying to ape the market and follow whatever the latest craze is can allow some beer makers to take their eye off what they’re really good at.

National Bread Week: Autumn Pudding

National Bread Week is a week to celebrate Irish bread. It aims to encourage consumers to love bread; its heritage and versatility.

Wine News: Say goodbye to Rosé and celebrate September with the Grillo grape

Dawn Egan
Marks & Spencer Grillo 2017, Italy (currently reduced from £7 to £6 until October 1, M&S) September signals shellfish for seafood lovers – and what could be nicer with your fruits de mer special than a Sicilian vino that’s not only refreshing but brings sunshine to the table? The Grillo grape gives this wine honeyed aromas of lemon, lime and dried herbs, which gather momentum as they glide along on the smooth, creamy palate, with well-balanced acidity and an enjoyable, spicy note on the finish.

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