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Eating Out: Turley's Bar a great excuse for a wee jant in Co Down countryside

Allison Morris
Turley's Bar, Moneyslane Road, Ballyward, Castlewellan, Co Down Tel 028 4065 0855 REMEMBER that Sunday when we had our summer? Glorious wasn't it? Tops off or, 'taps aff' as we say around my way, streaky fake tan everywhere, the smell of burnt sausages in the air as barbecues were dragged from their winter hiding place.

Craft Beer: Star turns from Mountain Man's Banjo'd and Green Bullet

Paul McConville
WHATEVER about American actors famously (or perhaps infamously) mangling Irish accents on film, Brendan Gleeson makes a decent stab at an American twang in the film Cold Mountain (the less said about Ray Winstone's similar attempt the better though).

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