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Recipe: How to make Rachel Roddy's Pasta With Aubergine

RACHEL RODDY'S PASTA WITH AUBERGINE (Serves 4) 2 large aubergines Olive or groundnut oil, for frying 1kg fresh tomatoes or 500g passata 2 garlic cloves A small handful of basil 1tsp sugar (if you need it) 500g pasta, such as spaghetti, rigatoni, casarecce, mezze maniche or penne 200g salted ricotta, grated Salt Peel strips from the aubergine so that they are striped, then cut them into 5mm slices.

Mouth-watering steaks and '90s sounds at Deanes Meat Locker

Seamus Maloney
ONE of the consequences of being in your late 30s is that for the past three or four years you've had to come to terms with the fact that, one by one, the bits of your CD collection (look it up, kids) that mean the most to you – the ones amassed when you were 15, 16, 17, 18 – are all turning two decades old.

Crafty stuff: Can you dig it?

Paul McConville
THE 'bottle v can' debate is probably one that will rumble on, probably with no conclusive resolution (sound familiar?) but it's undeniable that metal-encased beer is becoming more and more prolific.

Niall McKenna: Lighter bites for summer

Niall McKenna
DURING the summer months we all dream of jetting away to foreign climes, whiling away the hours on a sun-drenched terrace as we enjoy delicious local delicacies and delights.

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