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Nutrition: The truth about calorie counting

Jane McClenaghan
I HAVE seen a few billboards around town from the Public Health Agency proclaiming "Just 100 Calories extra a day could mean 10lbs of weight gain a year".

Beer: The best new beer in Paris is an Italian-made IPA

Paul McConville
MOBILE phones have certainly come a long way from the time you could only keep a couple of dozen text messages stored on them at any given time and you could easily wile away half-an-hour just playing Snake.

Jane McClenaghan: The good, the bad and the ugly of carbohydrate

Jane McClenaghan
OVER recent years carbohydrates have been going out of favour among people wanting to shift a few pounds, but have we gone too far? In our society, we have been brought up on a diet of bread and spuds, with plenty of us feeling no meal is complete without portion of starchy carbohydrates on the side.