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Have a charitable Christmas: Oxfam has gifts to suit your pocket and your conscience

Joanne Sweeney
Finding the right Christmas gift at the right price can be a challenge but if you're a shopper who's both canny and has a conscience, why not try Oxfam? In addition to their clothes and accessories, the charity's shops have a range of gifts costing between a couple of pounds to £20 – meaning you reduce your spending while both delighting your loved ones and helping to save lives and support people who are less well off around the world.

Beauty: How to stop your nails breaking in winter – according to the experts

WHY is it that in summer our nails are long, strong and practically invincible, but as soon as we get the first whiff of winter in the air they start snapping like nobody's business? "With winter setting in, nails take a pummelling from the dropping temperature outdoors and the dry atmosphere indoors," says Pupinder Ghatora, pharmacist and co-founder of Ingenious Beauty.

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