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Fashion: Five fab day-to-night pieces that make dressing for Christmas parties a cinch

IT'S one of life's great style struggles and it rolls around every December: What to wear to the office Christmas party? Because you want to get a bit dressed up, of course, but you don't want to haul an entire extra outfit in with you in the morning, and you definitely don't want to look too over-dressed – it is the work party, after all.

Fashion: Nine of the best leather (and faux leather) dresses for every budget

THERE was a lot of talk at the autumn/winter shows about clothing as armour, which translated to capacious coats (sometimes worn two at a time), shiny rain-repellent fabrics and fierce animal prints that scream 'back off!' Another example of the the protective fashion trend in action was designers' collective obsession with leather dresses.

Marie Louise McConville: Halloween haters trying to take the `spook' out of my scare-fest

Marie Louise McConville
So, how's that fat goose coming and have you been saving up those pennies for the old man's hat? With Halloween just days away, you may not be surprised to learn that excitement in the McConville household has reached fever-pitch amid plans to dress up as Count Dracula and a Demon Fairy and go trick-or-treating and get lots and lots of sweets I can't complain really, it is a children's celebration after all.