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Beauty: Have you been applying mascara the wrong way this whole time?

IF you were told you could only use three make-up products for the rest of your life (a truly terrifying prospect, of course), mascara would probably be one of your picks, wouldn't it? Because we can all agree that there's no faster way to make you look fresh-faced and wide awake, even when you're feeling far from it.

Fashion: 10 stylish ways to embrace the corduroy comeback

WHILE velvet and suede have come roaring back into fashion in recent years, their cousin corduroy has remained a style pariah, encumbered by associations with 1970s smart-casual businessmen and geography teachers (of all eras).

The best Advent calendars of 2017

Maeve Connolly
Gone are the days when the thrill of an Advent calendar was in opening each window to see the picture behind it. 

Fashion: Four key pieces to tap into the 70s winter trend

WHAT would fashion do without Marc Jacobs? The New York designer is such a visionary that every season you can guarantee, no matter what he sends down his runway, it will end up, in one guise or another, on the high street.

Get ready for the piste with Lidl's ski gear

Digital Staff
Lidl Northern Ireland's ski range goes on sale on Thursday November 9 and you can expect bright colours, cosy boots and dinky children's mittens with penguins on them.

Fashion: Five ways to wear red, this season's big colour trend

WHILE poring over all the pictures from the AW17 catwalks, there was one colour that stood out more than any other – not only because of the many flashes of almost neon-bright scarlet, but because it was as if all the designers had got together and decided that this season, red is THE colour.

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