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FASHION: Summer party dress trends you need to wear now

APART from the pre-Christmas glut of gatherings, there's no other time of year that calls for more party dresses than summer - especially if you've hit that late-20s/early-30s peak where you're attending, on average, about 500 weddings a year.

FASHION: Hot or not? How to wear the pink trend this season

MILLENNIAL PINK Not quite Barbie-bright but definitely not blush, the bubblegummy hue that's been christened 'Millennial pink' (because of its popularity among those born in the Eighties and Nineties) is all over the shops right now – but you don't have to be 35 or under to wear it.

Hair Colour, Buy It Now, Tried

IF YOU want to know about make-up, skincare and products that'll make you look and feel fantastic, ask a beauty vlogger.

Spring's here and fashion's taking a fresh new slant

IT'S another trend we can blame on Brexit (see also: mismatched earrings), the fluctuating hemlines we saw on the spring catwalks are a reflection of the tumultuous nature of the stock markets, apparently.

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