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Ask The Expert: How can I get my baby to sleep well?

Q: I'VE just had a baby – what are the best ways to encourage her to sleep well? A: Dr Tom York, a GP for both the NHS and the GP-on-demand-app GPDQ, says: "Thankfully, human babies are supposed to sleep for at least 15 hours per day.

Sally Philips on the reality of Down's Syndrome

SALLY Phillips is one of the most recognisable faces in comedy, as co-creator of sketch show Smack The Pony, as well as appearing in big-budget films like Bridget Jones as Shazza.

Weird and wonderful ways families can save cash

Vicky Shaw
WITH many families feeling the squeeze from the increasing cost of living, looking for ways to save cash here and there can really help – and, according to a new survey, we're finding ever more creative ways to do this.

Ask the expert: Are there any dangers in women drinking coffee while pregnant?

Q: I'M PREGNANT, but if I drink too much coffee could it harm my baby? If so, how much is too much? A: Midwife Sophie King, from the pregnancy and baby charity Tommy's, says: "We all know caffeine is found in coffee and tea, but many of us don't realise it's hidden in lots of other things, such as chocolate and energy drinks.

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