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Victoria Square and National Museums team up to bring past alive in city centre

WANT to learn about traditional skills or get the kids finding out about old-style street games or taking part in a craft workshop – all while doing a spot of shopping? Belfast's Victoria Square has teamed up with National Museums Northern Ireland to showcase the north's rich historical heritage in one of the city's busiest shopping centres next month.

Ask The Expert: What if I get a group B Strep infection while I'm pregnant?

Q: I'm eight months pregnant – will I get tested for group B Strep before I give birth, and what could happen to my baby if I'm not tested and he/she catches it from me? A: Jane Plumb, chief executive of the charity Group B Strep Support, says: "Testing for group B Strep (GBS) carriage is not routinely offered in the UK, unlike many other developed countries.

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