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Ask The Expert: What's the best way to manage my child's asthma?

Lisa Salmon
MY CHILD has recently been diagnosed with asthma – what's the best way of managing it? Pharmacist Francesca Brenca, says: "On average, three children in every UK classroom will have asthma, making it the most common long-term childhood medical condition.

Nutrition: how to pack your kids a healthy lunch

Jane McClenaghan
THE start of a new school year not only means new uniforms and shiny shoes, for many families September means getting back to the routine of making packed lunches for your little ones.

Ask The Expert: Is 'baby talk' bad for my child's development?

Lisa Salmon
IS TALKING to my one-year-old son in 'baby talk' good for his language development, or is it likely to have a negative effect? Mitsuhiko Ota, from Edinburgh University's School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language sciences, has just led a study into the language development of young children exposed to so-called baby talk.

Dazzle your kids with homemade science wows

Lisa Salmon
THE summer holidays are almost over and, for some parents, the past two months will have felt like a lifetime due to the struggle to keep younger children entertained.

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