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Ignorant comments about Type 1 Diabetes need to be corrected and those behind them educated

An offensive comment made by tv presenter John Barrowman during a segment on This Morning has been met with a barage of complaints - and rightly so
Marie Louise McConville

It's something that really, really annoys me.

Most of the time, when someone says something ridiculous mid-conversation, I just take a deep breath and let it go.

That said, there are times when I just see red and have to correct the uneducated crap I hear.

This usually happens when someone tries to tell me something about diabetes, which is wrong.

What a load of rubbish.

This week, tv presenter and theatre star John Barrowman really let himself down when he decided he would educate the nation wrongly on diabetes.

While presenting a segment on Easter Eggs tasting on This Morning alongside Emily Atack, the former Doctor Who star said: "You know realise we're going to have diabetes by the end of the programme from this. It's not good”.

Of course, the totally ignorant comment provoked a barrage of complaints from viewers.

And rightly so, as a Type 1 diabetic myself, I am forever hearing ridiculous comments about my condition.

I get told that eating too much sugar caused it - not true.

I get told that it's not really that big a deal - not true.

And, I get old that if I just eat more fruit I won't have it any more - not true.

So, for the millionth time, let me educate you all.

There are two types of diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1, which I have, is an auto-immune disease - which is not caused by eating too much sugar - which causes the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas to be destroyed, preventing the body from being able to produce enough insulin to adequately regulate blood glucose levels.

Therefore, I have to test my blood sugar four times a day and precisely measure and inject myself with the right amount of insulin four times a day.

I will have this condition for the rest of my life and if I don't control it, it could damage my heart, eyes, feet and kidneys and ultimately kill me.

Type 2 diabetes is also a serious condition however this can be managed by medication as well as other means - healthier eating, being more active and losing weight - and with the right treatment and care, can potentially be reversed if managed.

John Barrowman should be ashamed of his comment which was absolutely disgusting.

There are adults and young people with Type 1 diabetes struggling every day just to stay alive.

It is a difficult and stressful battle and your offensive comment only belittles their battle.

You need to educate yourself and others before making such ridiculous statements in future.


It was announced this week that a prequel to the iconic film Grease is to be made.

Entitled `Summer Loving', the movie will how Sandy and Danny met, expanding on the story told in the famous song Summer Nights from the 1978 film.

It has been confirmed the scripts are being written by John August.

I can't say I'm "totally devoted" to this idea after all, nothing and no-one could hold a torch to the original.

Why do they keep trying to reinvent these classics?

In fact, all they are doing is destroying the memory of the wonderful original.

Cue the "Tears On My Pillow".



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The three day festival, which will take place at the Stormont Hotel from Friday, May 3 until Sunday, May 5, is bringing a host of musical acts to the venue.

Among those is Made in Liverpool, the world's leading Beatles tribute band which will be headlining the finale night of the East BelFEST music festival on Sunday, May 5.

Born and bred in Liverpool, the band are resident at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool from where The Beatles shot to fame.

Tickets for Made in Liverpool's headline concert at the Stormont Hotel are available at

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(Q) Made in Liverpool are playing at which east Belfast venue on Sunday, May 5?

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