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I'm sick of cats ruining my garden at home - so what can I do to stop the problem?

I'm sick of cats ruining my garden at home - so what can I do to stop the problem?
Marie Louise McConville

I'm at the end of my tether.

And, while I don't want to sound like a real meanie or a through-and-through animal hater, I need to take some form of action but I don't know what.

The thing is, it's no secret I'm no fan of dogs.

I am absolutely petrified of dogs and as a result, do not like them being anywhere near me or my children.

I absolutely believe irresponsible owners should be fined for not looking after dogs properly and especially where they do not clean up after them.

Apart from being messy, dog mess is a health hazard.

So, therefore, it is only right that those people who chose to have dogs, take full responsibility for them.

However, what do we householders do when it isn't a dog causing the problem?

Our garden at home is being totally destroyed at the minute by cats.

I should say at this point that it will come as no surprise to you all that I do not like cats one little bit.

My best friend on the other hand is totally obsessed with cats and often shares colourful tales of her two little furry treasures and that's fine.

I understand that some people are just animal people, dog people or cat people and I'm not however, I don't think I should just be expected to let cats ruin my garden.

I know at least two of my neighbours have cats and I can't be sure it is these cats causing the mess but the whole point of moving us into a house with a garden was that the kids could safely play outside.

At the moment, given that it is cold, the kids are not out that much however we can't even let them set one foot in the garden at the moment because it is just filled with cat mess.

The other day, Darren counted 18 different locations of cat mess in our side garden bit.

Absolutely disgusting.

Up to now, we haven't taken any action but now we do have to do something about it, but what?

I mean why are cat owners allowed to let their pets ruin other people's property?

It shouldn't be allowed.

Obviously, I would never want to harm an animal but I'm not putting up with this any more so what do we do?

I'm open to hearing all advice because I'm not putting up with this any longer.


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