12 things you'll only know if you've lived with your parents as an adult

Whether through rising rent prices, unemployment, or a gap in further education, living with our parents as an adult is an increasingly common option for many of us in times of need.

With the innocence of childhood well-and-truly behind us, it doesn’t take long to realise (for both parties) that living together in adult life is a hard balance to get right.

Here are some of our top quirks of living at home with your elders now you’re all grown up:

1. You’re perfectly capable of doing your own washing… but rarely do

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You know how to use the machine, but your Mum’s putting a load on – so what’s the harm?

2. You have pangs of guilt about being lazy, but never quite change your habits

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Any day now you’re going to fix that dodgy cupboard door and paint the living room to help out. You just never quite get round to it.

3. You always decline dinner by text, even though you still want it

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“Don’t worry about me – I will be home late,” you declare. But you also secretly hope there will be leftovers to have when you get in, and are openly grateful when there are.

4. You’re still a little scared of getting on the wrong side of your parents

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You’re more respectful than you were at 15, but somehow you still fear the almighty wrath of your parents’ rage. Don’t worry – it fades when you leave home.

5. You take advantage of every lift offered… and try to blag more

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Living at home is tough. If there are lifts – you take them. And now you’re an adult you bask in the odd marriage between luxurious comfort and mild self-loathing for doing so.

6. You lie about how much daytime TV you actually watch

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Whether or not you have a full-time job, it’s amazing how much daytime TV you manage to consume when living with your parents. Which is it to be: Jeremy Kyle? Homes Under The Hammer? Escape To The Country? They’re all great. But nobody actually has to know that, right?

7. You are the king of menial tasks

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It might be a small contribution, but the tasks you do, you do well. Mow the lawn? Easy. Wash the car? Already done it. Boom.

8. The free food is amazing. Just not for your parents

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Feeling peckish? Fancy a snack? The family kitchen is right there, but these aren’t puny child sizes anymore – we’re talking full adult portions. Perhaps it’s time to help out with that weekly food shop…

9. You immediately revert to feeling like you’re 17

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Just old enough to be independent, just young enough not to have to take responsibility. One problem: you’re actually way more than that, and it shows.

10. The number of “projects” you’re working on increases daily

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“Busy? Sure I’m busy – I’m working on my band/photography/art/poetry/novel/science project”. All at once. Without any structure.

11. You are painfully familiar with the walk between your house and the nearest shop

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It’s 3am and you’ve nearly overdosed on low-grade television. Time to walk to the 24-hour shop down the road for another delicious treat of your choice. Maybe you’ll buy a broadsheet newspaper, start a business and put all this behind you.

12. Life is too ridiculously comfortable

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It’s not that you’re not planning to move on – you are. But right now the chance to fit back into the family apron has made you soft – and you know it. You crave the independent life, but it’s just so darn… cosy.

Sigh. Another cup of tea it is. Thanks Mum.


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