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Brian Lennon SJ: Abuse, action and hope - what the Church needs to do now

Brian Lennon SJ
Pope Francis found it hard to get across his messages on greater lay involvement in Catholic leadership and on family issues when he visited Ireland because most of the public events were dominated by abuse. As senior bishops gather in Rome today to discuss the abuse crisis, Fr Brian Lennon SJ reflects on why the Catholic Church's response has been slow and ineffective, and why accountability and transparency are essential if the problem is to be remedied and trust rebuilt. He also offers encouragement to faithful Catholics who wonder whether they can stay in the Church

Irish experience of abuse should inform worldwide Church

William Scholes
WHEN the Irish News spoke to Archbishop Eamon Martin at Christmas about the clerical sexual abuse conference which takes place in Rome next week, he said he intended to draw on the Irish experience to "encourage others to come out of denial".

St Valentine's Day thoughts on love and marriage

ON the Feast of St Valentine, celebrated today, I am reminded of the appeal of Pope Francis when he spoke to engaged and newly-married couples at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin last summer: "The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church.

Fostering a community of tenderness and kinship

William Scholes
Fr Greg Boyle is a Los Angeles-based Jesuit priest who 30 years ago founded what has grown to become the world’s biggest gang intervention and rehabilitation programme. In Belfast this week to take part in the 4 Corners Festival, he tells William Scholes about building hope and community and his ‘secret sauce’ of radical kinship 

Why not give forgiveness a try?

William Scholes
Over the next 10 days, the 4 Corners Festival is exploring the challenge of forgiveness and how our divided society might look if it was truly forgiving. Among those contributing to the discussion is Professor Robert Enright, regarded as the world's leading expert in forgiveness education. He tells William Scholes about why forgiveness is the most powerful cure for resentment

Dominic McGrattan: Angels of mercy and hope can still change history

Dominic McGrattan
Holocaust Memorial Day will be observed on Sunday, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp on January 27 1945. Fr Dominic McGrattan reflects on the catastrophe of that genocide, and finds hope in 'humanity's angels' who build 'compassion and grace, tolerance and beauty, justice and generosity' 

4 Corners Festival: What does forgiveness look like?

William Scholes
THE 4 Corners Festival has never shied away from tackling difficult subjects but this year's programme, which will centre on the challenge of forgiveness when it opens next week, may be the boldest yet.

Fr Paddy Delargy: Prayer makes a difference

Fr Paddy Delargy
In the first of an occasional series on prayer, Fr Paddy Delargy draws on insights from St Jane de Chantal and St Francis de Sales and explores how a prayerful life keeps us close to God 

Francis Campbell: Finding hope for 2019 amid the turmoil

Francis Campbell
IN these fraught times the risk for us all is to imagine that the more familiar - which usually means one's own system and experience - is the norm and all else which we encounter which is therefore different from that is somehow abnormal.