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Fr Edward O'Donnell: Following love, not law, as a way of life

"One of the scribes came up to Jesus and put a question to him, 'Which is the first of all the commandments?'" - Mark 12:28 WHICH of us hasn't complained about the amount of red tape we have to cope with today? Filling in what use to be a simple form has become a mammoth task.

Mental ill-health an issue for all

THERE is an urgent need for more to be done to stem the "immense upsurge" in mental ill-health, Archbishop of Armagh Dr Richard Clarke has said.

Seeking the common good in a divided society

EACH year the Irish Inter-Church Meeting brings together representatives from our 15 member Churches for reflection and dialogue on a specific theme to support our work and help set an agenda for the coming year.

Monsignor Raymond Murray - a life dedicated to the rhyme of hope and history

William Scholes, with pictures by Mal McCann
Monsignor Raymond Murray has been one of Ireland's most prominent priests since the start of the Troubles. He talks to William Scholes about his eventful life, how his involvement in human rights cases has been driven by his commitment to history and why he is now 'turning more to religion'

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