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Building for future generations

William Scholes
As the Church of Ireland General Synod opens in Derry today, Archbishop of Armagh Richard Clarke talks to William Scholes

Martin Henry: Is there a 'problem of evil'?

Martin Henry
Fr Martin Henry considers the reality of evil and suffering - possibly the strongest, or at least the most persistently raised, argument against the existence of a good God, and a major exhibit in the case for atheism

Martin Henry: Man is God's risk

Fr Martin Henry
Through the Resurrection of Jesus, God gives us the hope that we - who share our humanity with those involved in the Crucifixion - may also be raised up, says Fr Martin Henry

The call to follow Jesus closely

Bishop of Down and Connor Noel Treanor will issue a pastoral letter on priesthood at today's Chrism Mass in St Peter's Cathedral, Belfast. Faith matters takes a closer look at To Follow Jesus Closely

Andrew Watson: What is the Good Friday truth?

Rev Andrew Watson
Good Friday, celebrated tomorrow, marks the trial, Crucifixion, death and burial of Christ. Andrew Watson reflects on Pilate's famous question 'What is truth?'

Laudato Sí: Facing the challenge of 'ecological conversion'

Fr Tim Bartlett
Ahead of a major conference tomorrow examining the faith responsibilites posed by Laudato Sí, Pope Francis's encyclical on the environment, Fr Tim Bartlett explains why Lent is an ideal time to reflect on the challenge of 'ecological conversion' at personal and parish levels