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Why slavery is making a comeback

Andrew Watson
THE great English politician William Wilberforce devoted much of his life to ending the slave trade, writes Andrew Watson.

'What's the Christian view on Marx?,' asks leading economist Dr Esmond Birnie

Dr Esmond Birnie
IF you think contemporary politicians are strangers to the truth then the Labour MP John McDonnell, who is the shadow chancellor, should be commended for at least saying what he really thought when he argued in a pre-general election interview that there was a lot to learn from Karl Marx - particularly his magnum opus, the book Capital.

The extraordinary generosity of Clonard

William Scholes
Fr Michael Brehl is impressed. The leader of the world's Redemptorists, coming towards the end of his first Clonard Novena, has enjoyed the experience of being one of the resident preachers at the annual celebration of faith

Andrew Watson: Develop a healthy fear of the Lord

Andrew Watson
Apparently recent research suggests that since the introduction of seatbelts and safety helmets there are more accidents and injuries, not fewer - it seems that when people feel protected, they take greater risks...

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