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Walking the Path to Change with Pope Francis

Ahead of his visit to Ireland this month, The Path to Change, published today, gives a fascinating insight into the thinking and formation of Pope Francis. The book is based on a series of wide-ranging conversations between Francis and French journalist Dominique Wolton on everything from politics, migration and family to secularism, religion and war. It reveals Francis as a friendly, unpretentious and accessible figure, as he shares private stories which help explain how his experiences have shaped his vision for the future of the Catholic Church. In this extract, he shares his thoughts on communication - including the perils of surly parish secretaries and priests who are prescriptive about their availability to the people - and the humility of Pope John Paul II

Relics of family of Saints to visit Armagh

ARMAGH will help set the tone for this month's World Meeting of Families when St Patrick's Cathedral hosts the Relics of Saints Louis and Zelie Martin and their daughter, Saint Therese of Lisieux on Sunday August 12.

'Laity are the most important people in the Church - not the clergy or bishops'

Ahead of the World Meeting of Families, Fr Chris Hayden, editor of Intercom magazine, spoke to Cardinal Kevin Farrell, the Dublin-born head of the Vatican department set up by Pope Francis to promote the roles of lay people and the family in the Church, as well as the protection and support of human life. In the first of a two-part interview, Cardinal Farrell talks about how laity are the most important people in the Church, why priests have no credibility in marriage preparation and what Pope Francis is doing to promote the role of women 

Martin Henry: Dealing with demons

Martin Henry
A striking feature of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as opposed to the Gospel of John, is that they all mention a subject - demonic possession - which is nowadays almost taboo.

Dealing with the digital dilemma

WHETHER it is Facebook and Instagram, or Fortnite, constant emails and the reliance on smartphones, digital technology has changed our lives – for better and worse.

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