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Enjoy your Easter eggs, but remember why we eat them - and it's nothing to do with bunnies

MENTION Easter and what is the first thing you think of? The loving sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, dying for our sins on the cross of Calvary and His glorious resurrection on the third day? A recent survey showed that 30 per cent of children thought Easter celebrated the birthday of the Easter Bunny - which is hardly surprising given the ongoing commercialisation of Easter and how the traditional symbolism that has been associated with this greatest of Christian festivals has been subsumed by the world around us.

Dr Eamon Martin: What St Patrick means to me

Dr Eamon Martin
THIS year on St Patrick's Day, perhaps prompted by the situation of thousands of displaced people around the world, I will think about Patrick the captive, the slave in exile, Patrick the undocumented migrant.

Five ways to mark St Patrick's Day in Armagh and Down

1. St Patrick's Vigil - starts at the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Armagh at 9pm today This event will provide a unique and symbolic experience to celebrate community and unity as visitors meet at Armagh's Church of Ireland Cathedral for prayer led by Archbishop Richard Clarke.

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