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Solitude, not isolation - Cistercians share their ancient tradition amid coronavirus

The arrival of coronavirus has changed everything. We have to practise social distancing and with restrictions on movement and public gatherings, our streets and communities have fallen silent. And while it is intended to limit the spread of the virus, 'self-isolation' also has negative effects on mental health. Cistercians choose a monastic way of life characterised by quiet solitude. The order's Portglenone community shares what we might learn from their experience

Is God self-isolating during Covid-19?

William Scholes
AN internationally-renowned defender of Christianity, the Armagh-born Oxford University professor of mathematics John Lennox, has argued that belief in a sovereign and loving God helps to explain the "perplexing and unsettling" Covid-19 pandemic.

Colin Nicholl: A coronavirus Easter

Colin Nicholl
The most critical plight of humanity, even today, is not coronavirus but estrangement from God. The great message of Easter is that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are the definitive solution to this separation, says Colin Nicholl

Holy Week reflection: Bishop John McDowell - Jesus' love for us held him on the Cross

WHAT is it about the man on the Cross that holds our gaze more even than the child in the manger? Why, when all the homilies have been forgotten and physical access to the sacrament of the altar shut off, does our heart rest still in the reality of the Man of Sorrows? Is it the thought of the brutality he suffered? That has been a popular theme with Good Friday preachers.

'Millions' gathering for Mass online, says Archbishop Eamon Martin

William Scholes
Parishes have been "flooding the digital highways" and crashing webcam live-feeds in response to the coronavirus-enforced closure of churches all over Ireland, with "millions gathering virtually" for Mass, Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin has said.

Easter messages from Ireland's Church leaders encourage hope amid coronavirus fear

Coronavirus might have forced churches to close their doors, but the Easter story of death and new life, with its message of hope and rescue from despair and fear, has rarely felt more urgent and relevant. In their respective Easter messages, Ireland's Church leaders share what the Crucifixion and Resurrection mean for a world in the grip of Covid-19

Andrew Watson: The Good Shepherd won't leave us now

In the final part of his series on Psalm 23, the Rev Andrew Watson reflects on the Good Shepherd who 'pursues us with relentless grace' and who never leaves us - words of comfort in these difficult days