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Armagh Apostolic Work celebrates 80th anniversary

Apostolic Work has a long and distinguished history in the Archdiocese of Armagh, with the voluntary organisation celebrating its 80th anniversary this month - coinciding with the Extraordinary Month of Mission.

Who was John Henry Newman?

J. Anthony Gaughan
The canonisation of John Henry Newman on Sunday was a day for thanksgiving and celebration, says Fr J. Anthony Gaughan, who explains the new saint's significance in a world of fake news

Friends reunited at Dromantine

Thousands of people have attended the Dromantine Summer Camp since it started in 1969. To mark its 50th anniversary, a celebration of reunions, reminiscences and faith is being held this weekend

Fr Stephen Langridge: Go and make disciples

Fr Stephen Langridge
Jesus taught adults and blessed children, but that model has been largely reversed in today's Church, without considering that sacramentalising people without evangelising them might be problematic, says Fr Stephen Langridge. He outlines why initiatives like Alpha can help correct the balance

Alpha: 'Is there more to life than this?'

Laura Whinnery
Can Catholic parishes, schools and colleges become vibrant, mission-focused communities? The answer is a resounding yes, says Laura Whinnery, and Alpha can help move them in that direction

Eamon Martin: Being a believer in the digital world

Eamon Martin
Christians should not stand outside the online world and look in with disapproval but should get involved, argues Archbishop Eamon Martin, who shares a 10 point 'highway code' for travelling through the digital landscape

Rev Brian Anderson: A secure home is the right of all

Christians have a duty to be at the forefront of care and compassion for the homeless, says the Rev Brian Anderson of the Irish Inter-Church Meeting, which has produced new housing insecurity and homelessness resources

Living with suicide and bereavement

FOR generations, the oasis of Lough Derg in Co Donegal has been a place of pilgrimage for people seeking God's strength in the face of life's difficulties and light in times of darkness.