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'Keep yourselves - and others - safe at church'

AS Churches across Ireland started the slow, cautious journey back to public worship this week, Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin thanked God "for all those who brought Christianity to life over the past 15 weeks".

Covid-19: Can - and should - we put a monetary value on life?

Dr Esmond Birnie
With intense debate around the benefits of coronavirus restrictions compared to their costs, Dr Esmond Birnie, writing as both a Christian and an economist, explores the ethical dilemmas around putting a price on human life and the price of public policies

The Church might be weakened, but do you still believe?

Covid-19 came at a 'time of weakness unparalleled' in the recent history of the Catholic Church in Ireland and yet, says Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary, 'the challenge was met'. As parishes prepare for a return to public worship, a 'tremendous opportunity to rediscover ourselves as Church' now lies ahead

'Zoom wall' guests involved in Church service

William Scholes
UNLESS you happened to be a video conferencing enthusiast, "honoured guests on the Zoom wall" is a phrase almost no-one was familiar with this time last year.

Social distancing to be a hallmark of post-lockdown Catholic Church

William Scholes
SOCIALLY-distanced and much-reduced congregations, Holy Communion distributed by priests wearing face masks, and thorough cleaning and sanitisation regimes will be hallmarks of public worship when Catholic parishes reopen from the end of this month.

Return to church 'not business as usual'

William Scholes
THE Church of Ireland last night published its guidelines for parishes preparing to resume public worship as Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed.

Bishops to finalise Mass plan

William Scholes
Bishops are due to sign-off on plans to allow public Mass to safely resume this month, with Catholics in Northern Ireland facing a longer wait than parishioners in the Republic, writes William Scholes

Appeal for young Catholics to help churches reopen

William Scholes
ARCHBISHOP of Armagh Eamon Martin has appealed for younger parishioners to volunteer for new cleaning and stewarding duties as Catholic parishes prepare for the return of public Mass.