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Grace moments grow as 'heart speaks to heart'

Witnessing an attack on a Catholic Church in 1970s' east Belfast had a profound effect on the young Alan Abernethy. He went on to become a Church of Ireland bishop but before that, while at Queen's University, he met Brendan McAllister, a Catholic, forging a lifetime's friendship. The two men took part in a 4 Corners Festival event on Sunday and here, Mr McAllister speaks of the 'grace moments' of a friendship that bridges the divisions of our society

Discovering moments of grace

Alan Abernethy, recently retired as Bishop of Connor, tells William Scholes why he could not refuse the chance to return to St Anthony's Catholic Church in Belfast's Willowfield area as part of the 4 Corners Festival

St Brigid: A saint for our times

Fr Gerry McFlynn
Ahead of the saint's day on February 1, Fr Gerry McFlynn argues that St Brigid's life holds relevance and inspiration for us today as we confront the great issues in our society and our world

The Catholic faith of basketball legend Kobe Bryant

Diarmuid Pepper
Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash with his daughter on Sunday, was best known for his sporting achievements but he also held his Catholic faith close, says Diarmuid Pepper

Martin Henry: The point of starting at the beginning

Martin Henry
The celebrations that surround the start of each new year point to a profound human desire to celebrate the idea of a 'beginning', says Martin Henry, who explores how this relates to God and the origin of all that exists