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'Saul Sunday' celebrated with open air Mass

Bishop Anthony Farquhar, pictured right, celebrated the annual 'Saul Sunday' Mass on Slieve Patrick with, from left, Canon Noel Conway, Fr John McManus and 94-year-old Jeannie Mullan from Kilclief. Picture by Bill Smyth

THE annual 'Saul Sunday' Mass was celebrated on Slieve Patrick last Sunday by Bishop Anthony Farquhar.

Focusing on St Patrick, particulary his mission and courage, Bishop Farquhar noted how "against the backdrop of the Trinity, one could certainly sense how God chooses some of the weakest to strengthen community".

"St Patrick had the courage to face up to difficult situations and stand firmly by the word of God," he said.

"Physical courage in the face of captivity and danger, and in returning to meet of call of the Irish; and the moral courage to stand up to those who might ridicule his message and how he stood up for it."

Bishop Anthony Farquhar with 10-year-old Gerard, his brother Thomas, nine, and their dog Moses. Picture by Bill Smyth

Downpatrick Scouts attended the annual 'Saul Sunday' Mass. Picture by Bill Smyth

Downpatrick Knights of Malta with Bishop Anthony Farquhar after the annual 'Saul Sunday' Mass. Picture by Bill Smyth

The congregation taking part in the annual 'Saul Sunday' Mass. Picture by Bill Smyth

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Faith Matters