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LIVING FAITH: The challenge of applying faith to life and proclaiming the gospel will be the focus of a discussion in Ballymena on Saturday, with commentator Breda O'Brien the keynote speaker.

Baroness Nuala O'Loan and Ballymena parish priest Fr Patrick Delargy will also speak at the round-table, which has the theme 'Living Faith: Go Proclaim the Gospel'.

"This will be an occasion for people to explore ways in which each of us can most effectively and usefully put all our talents at the service of the Gospel and the Church, and share our experiences of how we respond to the call to 'Go and proclaim the Gospel'," Baroness O'Loan said.

"There will be plenty of opportunity, in small groups, to talk - if people want to - and to listen to others talk about living faith and there will be time for questions to the speakers and general discussion."

The Ballymena parish has developed a tradition of hosting annual round-table discussions to help people think through their faith and the challenge of living it.

"Why not take this opportunity to visit Ballymena for the day, shop in the morning and come to the round-table gathering in the afternoon, or just spend a few hours in the company of others thinking about being a Christian and living the Good News?" Baroness O'Loan added.

::Living Faith: Go Proclaim the Gospel will be held in the Parish Centre, All Saints' Church, Ballymena on Saturday June 6 from 1.45 until 5pm.

::To register or for more information email or telephone 028 2563 1236, 079 2708 9125 or 077 6997 4970.


WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY?: "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?" is the jumping off point of a new book that aims to help the reader find the answers to "the biggest, most important, most meaningful questions that we have".

Remember How It Goes? Understanding the Bible Anew takes both life and the Bible seriously by accepting that there are "big questions" which aren't always that straightforward to answer.

As the author Jonny Frazer, minister of Garnerville Presbyterian Church in east Belfast, says: "We all have something we want to know that can't be answered by simple maths or teachers or our friends.

"Sometimes there are questions that are bigger than all of that.

"This book started with one of those questions.

"These questions we ask today have been asked before. We are not the first ones to ask them.

"In spite of all the amazing moves and advances that our world has made in recent times, the questions remain the same.

"And it turns out that the biggest, most important, most meaningful questions that we have, have answers too."

::Remember How It Goes? Understanding the Bible Anew by Jonathan Frazer is published in hardback by The Columba Press,, 9.99/11.99.

Faith Matters

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