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Pope Francis calls for end to 'relentless' Amazon Rainforest exploitation

Nicole Winfield and Christine Armario
The Pope has travelled deep into the Amazonian rainforest to demand an end to the relentless exploitation of its timber, gas and gold resources and the recognition of its indigenous peoples as the primary custodians to determine the future of "our common home".

Wagamama to stop providing plastic straws

Josie Clarke, Press Association Consumer Affairs Correspondent
The chain said the move would prevent seven million single-use plastic straws polluting the environment each year.

Take on Nature: Nature gives way to the new around the winter solstice

Stephen Colton
THIS weekend as we greet the turning of the year, leave an old friend or foe behind and embrace a new one, I reflect on the recent meeting of old and new in my garden, a coming together of sorts which captured the subtle change of mood in the natural world right now.

Trees breath life into gardens – and city streets

John Manley
ONE of the more interesting elements of the now derailed Belfast-Derry joint bid for European City of Culture was the proposal for an urban forest in Belfast city centre stretching along Royal Avenue towards the expanded Ulster University at York Street.

Take on Nature: Let's go find a Kite

Tony Bailie
Operation Red Kite. The mission: To travel to a secret location and observe rare birds which were reintroduced into Ireland after being extinct for nearly two centuries.

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