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Keep your kids entertained outdoors this Easter

Ella Walker
IT'S DEFINITELY easier to hand over the iPad than drag your kids kicking, screaming and suitably sullen, outside. But the great outdoors really is pretty wonderful wellbeing-wise – for you and the kids

Sir David Attenborough examines Our Planet for Netflix

Gemma Dunn
IF THERE'S one person equipped to tackle US President Donald Trump's cynicism towards climate change, it's surely Sir David Attenborough – and it seems the much-loved naturalist would indeed be up for the challenge, should the occasion arise.

Take on Nature: Ireland's red squirrels are making a comeback

Tony Bailie
A FLASH of red darting across a forest path and into dense woodland is an all too rare treat these days: our native red squirrel population has been hit hard since the introduction of the American grey at the start of the last century.

Stephen Colton's Take on Nature: Reed bunting heralds the rowdy month of March

Stephen Colton
FOR many, the first day of spring has long passed as it coincided with the Feast day of Saint Brigid, February 1, which, according to our pagan ancestors, also marked the beginning of the Celtic Festival of Imbolc – when they celebrated the successful passing of winter and the beginning of the agricultural year.

Artist Robyn Ward depicts endangered species in debut Irish exhibition

David Roy
CAN you tell us a bit about your inspiration for Plastic Nation? Our world is beautiful and amazing and humans are damaging it potentially beyond repair: imagining a world without these incredible creatures is a tragic thought and, while none of us can independently save the world, everyone can make small changes and play their part.

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