Sleb Safari: Kate Beckinsale and the mystery of the bunny rabbit

Kate Beckinsale would ask you not to leave rabbits on her doorstep

WAS it you? Answer me. Was it you who sent a rabbit anonymously to Kate Beckinsale? Well, was it?

Kate, actor, owner of two Persian cats and fully paid up subscriber to Jennifer Lopez’s elixir of youth smoothie delivery service, opened her front door to find a rabbit in a cage, plus a bag of rabbit food and a basket filled with rose petals.

Kate took the whole lot into her home. What she should have done was taken Marvel the rabbit indoors out of the LA sun but left everything else for the bomb disposal squad to handle.

An unsolicited ‘gift’ like that is seven shades of creepy.

  • One – the person was at her house
  • Two – they left her a rabbit. And rose petals
  • Three – see numbers one and two

Kate was a bit put out by it all. Natch. She already has two Persian cats who feature heavily, and hilariously, on her Instagram feed – she held a wedding ceremony for the moggies during lockdown and there has never been a more stylish couple – and would like it known that although she’s a fan of furry creatures she doesn’t want you to populate a petting zoo for her.

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE however much someone loves animals please never ever send an unsolicited pet to someone’s house, especially anonymously and especially on a boiling hot day where it could have been left outside to roast to death,” she posted on Instagram.

“We have found a loving home for Marvel without cats but it was quite a shock and I think pretty unsettling for Marvel too. Appreciate so much the good wishes but please please don’t send anyone animals as a present or a joke or really at all.”

Sleb Safari had a little critter turn up on its doorstep recently too. It’s a feral cat, which is slightly less cute than a bunny rabbit but at least Sleb Safari didn’t have to ring the police.

Neighbours had spotted the cat roaming around and managed to convince it to accompany them to the vet. Keeping in mind that it’s both sharp of tooth and claw and hisses at you if you so much as look at it (even through a glass door) the bravery of this couple should not be underestimated. Proper St Francis of Assisis the pair of them.

The cat is now camped out at Sleb Safari’s back door and isn’t a great communicator. It does a mean glare through the glass though.

It is blind in one eye, permanently hungry and permanently aggressive. Basically it’s one very hangry cat. Sleb Safari is hoping that if it continues opening those Whiskas sachets at the same rate then the hissing will eventually subside.

Right now it feels very much like a long-term goal but Sleb Safari consoles itself with the knowledge that it got a tetanus shot in March. More hangry cat updates as they become available...


I'm A Celebrity is coming back

Good news I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here fans; the show is returning in the autumn as planned and will be celebrating its 20th series. And Sleb Safari thought Brooklyn Beckham getting engaged made it feel old...

There will be a I'm A Celebrity best of episode to celebrate the show's 20th birthday and Sleb Safari is thinking that means Gillian McKeith 'fainting', David Gest being David Gest, Antony Worrall-Thompson's "I’d like to speak to my agent" mutiny, Peter Andre's song writing and singing skills – remember Insania? It was no Mysterious Girl but then, what is?


The Martha Stewart thirst trap lives on

Homage continues to be paid to the Martha Stewart thirst trap and rightly so!

J Smith-Cameron, who plays Geri in Succession, posted this series of pictures from her pool with the caption “we stan kween @marthastewart48 (this pool area has never been weeded; sorry bout that)”.

More! We need more homage to be paid to the Martha Stewart thirst trap please Hollywood.


we stan kween @marthastewart48 (this pool area has never been weeded; sorry bout that)

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Social Media Smut


quarantined with my boys so it’s all good

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