Wine: Full bodied with flavours of bramble, dark cherry and plum

South African Premium Fairtrade Shiraz, £6.49, Lidl
Dawn Egan

McGuigan Single Batch Pinot Grigio 2019, New South Wales, Australia, £9, Co-op

A household name Down Under, McGuigan have used their Australian know-how to propel this Pinot Grigio into a pale green white with a purity and appeal that keeps you coming back for more. An aromatic, attractive nose leads to a mix of apricots, pear and tropical fruits with a lots of freshness. Serve witth light pasta sauce dishes including seafood (it's not so good with meaty sauces).

South African Premium Fairtrade Shiraz, £6.49, Lidl

The Shiraz grapes like warmer sites so they are ideally suited to the sunny vineyards of The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa where the conditions are ideal for ripening Shiraz – which is proving most successful in South Africa. Full bodied with flavours of bramble, dark cherry and plum, punctuated with peppery notes and a juicy finish. When the sun decides to shine, enjoy with barbecued sausages or peppered steak.


Prophecy Rose Wine 2019, South of France, £9.50, Tesco

Inspired by the Goddess of Fortune, the celestial beauty of this poster girl's mood-boosting summer dress sparks thoughts of holiday evenings. On the nose, delicate aromas of strawberry and raspberry with notes of fresh red fruits, melon and the slightest hint of citrus, with a crisp, fresh finish. A great wine to serve on a summer's evening.

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