Marie Louise McConville: Moved to tears by Kate Garraway's heartbreak over husband's battle with Covid-19

Kate Garraway's heartbreak over her husband, Derek Draper's experience battling Covid-19 should be a wake-up call for us all. Picture: Time Ireland/PA Wire
Marie Louise McConville

So it seems the worst of the lockdown may be over as more and more restrictions are being eased.

I know it is a decision that will be welcomed by many but I for one am nervous about it all.

I fear people will just think that's it, we're done and just go back to behaving how they did before - no face masks, no social distancing, no thought for others.

I wonder if those people had sat and watched TV presenter Kate Garraway talk about her beloved husband Derek Draper's experience with Covid-19 would they still be so selfish?

The 52-year-old father-of-two fell ill with coronavirus symptoms at the beginning of March and has now been in intensive care for 10 weeks, where he remains in a coma.

In an interview with The Sun, Kate revealed that doctors have told her he may never waken up, adding that Covid-19 had already caused untold damage to her husband's body including leaving him with holes in his heart.

His liver has also been impacted as well as his pancreas and he is now diabetic. He is on kidney dialysis because his kidneys have stopped functioning and damage has also been caused to his nerves and neurological system.

Kate said she was told two weeks ago to prepare for the "second worst case scenario" of a long coma which she said felt like the family "may lose him even if we don't lose him".

"There have been many awful calls over the weeks, but that one was particularly awful because I realised that, even though he's now Covid-free, the battle has changed," she said.

My heart just broke for Kate watching her talking about her husband.

Yet, for the past few months, she had been out on her doorstep every Thursday night with the couple's two children, Darcey (14) and Billy (10) clapping for the NHS.

How anyone can not feel touched by her experience is beyond me.

This is the real story of Covid-19. Yes, it may be just a cough and a high temperature for some but not for all.

That's why I just can't believe all those people who are beginning to congregate in huge numbers, not social distancing, at scenic coastal locations.

There are parents there with their kids, while some young people are leaving protected areas in an absolute state thanks to discarded rubbish.

How do their parents not know where they are?

Surely they know how dangerous their behaviour is to them and others around them.

Maybe we should all pause for a moment and think about Kate Garraway and her husband Derek.

They are going through hell and we can only hope and pray he finds the strength to recover and return to his family who are missing him desperately.

Surely it is not something any of us would want to experience ourselves, so why gamble with this terrible virus?


If you're a fan of Strictly Come Dancing, it looks like the next series could be well worth the wait.

With the BBC said to be pulling out all the stops to get the show on air before the end of the year, it has been reported that this series could feature the first all-female couple.

Some of the names already being hinted at include singer Jessie J and actress Gillian Anderson.

Katie Price has also claimed she has been in early talks to appear on the show.

Apparently, dancers will be forced to wear face masks and have to dance two metres apart.


Well folks, here we are, three months in and I think we should all congratulate ourselves on getting to this point.

And things feel like they are finally on the up.

It's nice to see more shops opened, the rush for McDonald's drive-thrus seems to have levelled off and our homes all look like flat pack palaces thanks to Ikea being back in the game.

So what else could lift our mood?

How about Love Island?

Now, usually, it's all about the kids and how we can keep them entertained but this week, it's all about us mums.

If you are a fan of the sunshine reality show, you will have been disappointed a few weeks ago to learn that the UK version will not go ahead this year.

However, ITV have decided to give us the next best thing - Love Island Australia, which originally aired in 2018 but will now air in the UK.

Filmed in Mallorca, the series boasts its own beautiful villa, and will be hosted by singer and actress Sophie Monk, with narration by Irish presenter Eoghan McDermott.

Among the first 10 Islanders who will enter the villa are a footballer, a nurse, an animal handler, a beautician, a former beauty queen and a sports administrator.

Kids to bed and wine at the ready ladies, it's time for us to have some fun.

Love Island Australia will begin on ITV2 on Monday at 9pm.

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