Sleb Safari: Jedward and Tara Reid are in LA lockdown together

Celebrity besties Jedward and Tara Reid have been surviving lockdown together in LA. Picture from Tara Reid on Twitter

HEY you guys, guess who Tara Reid and her boyfriend are self isolating with? Here's a clue – they're identical twins, they sang for Louis Walsh and a panel of TV judges and they're truly unique. If you guessed The Cheeky Girls you are 100 per cent wrong. It's Jedward.

Those lovable balls of hyperactivity who never age are living in Tara Reid's two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles until lockdown ends. Tara invited the men, for they are 28 and therefore men, to stay with her and her boyfriend when they flew out to the US in March. Then lockdown was announced and the four of them have been living together ever since.

If you're curious about the unlikely friendship, cast your mind back to 2011 and the TV show that was Celebrity Big Brother 8. Tara and the twins were contestants and became firm friends, hanging out in Ibiza, London, LA and trees ever since.

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Tara has been talking about her domestic situation on her podcast We Hear.

"We've been locked in our houses for months… it's not easy. I have a small apartment, it's two rooms so it's not easy.

"You're always in each others' faces, I'm doing so much business for my films and [her boyfriend] is doing business as well, he has mortgages. It's been difficult, we're trying to make the best of it but we're doing the best we can."

"He has mortgages." It's an interesting job description isn't it? Back to Tara, who has set the scene so beautifully.

"The other guys I'm also quarantining with are my two best friends that I've grown up with... do you know who Jedward is?"

At which point Jedward pipe up in the background, saying the experience has been "like a season of Big Brother except for the coronavirus pandemic".

They're not wrong there. In homes the length and breadth of Ireland, people are shutting themselves in a small room and complaining to a (phone) camera about their housemates. All it takes is someone eating the last bag of crisps and bingo, we're ready to evict them.

"Right now, to have them in my life here… they truly have made this experience so much better than it would have been for me," Tara explained.

"I got my best friends back and we're doing the best we can."

Tara and the lads have had some adventures over the years. Sharknado 3 and 5 for starters, but their most epic adventure of all was in 2015 when they met ZZ Top in LA. Those crazy kids.

Would Tara have enjoyed these shenanigans if she'd ended up in the Big Brother house with the Cheeky Girls? Would she heck? It would have been hot pants and "touch my bum" all day every day.

You won't get a bigger test of a friendship than being stuck in a small apartment all day every day for a couple of months, so if Tara and Jedward can get through this they can get through anything together. Even Sharknado 7.

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