Home remedies: Idea that teabags can be used to treat ailments isn't just stye in the sky

Both the warmth and the tannin in a tea bag are thought to help treat styes

The kitchen cupboard ‘cures' that really do work.

This week: Tea bags for styes

A STYE is a painful lump on the eyelid that often develops into a pus-filled spot. "The idea of using a warm tea bag on the stye is that it acts as a compress, and the warmth will help to draw out the pus," says consultant dermatologist Dr Anthony Bewley. The tannin in the tea bag is also thought to help reduce the size of the stye.

Steep a regular tea bag in just-boiled water and remove. Leave until cool enough to handle, and place over the affected area until the heat has gone. Repeat as needed.

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