Sleb Safari: Duffy's left Casualty. Is that even allowed?

Duffy and Charlie go together like bread and butter

A MOMENTOUS exit took place at the weekend and the aftershocks will be felt for some time to come. That’s right, Duffy left Casualty.

Is Casualty really Casualty if Duffy’s no longer in it? That’s the question Sleb Safari wants the EU to put right to the top of its to-do list, ahead of negotiating trade deals and convincing people that there’s no need to stockpile Bisto.

Can Casualty even continue without Duffy? Only time will tell. Rest assured that if Charlie leaves we’ll have to pull down the shutters and put on a full 999 divert.

Duffy has been working on (in?) Casualty since its pilot episode in 1986 except for a brief spell when she moved to New Zealand with Ryan, the hospital security guard. Their relationship had a rocky start, what with him stealing all her money, but they reconciled and moved to NZ. Then they broke up and Duffy headed home to Holby.

Duffy, real name Cathy Shipton, appeared in 350 episodes and she’s so associated with her role that you’d think your luck was in if you collapsed in front of her in the queue for the tills in Tesco.

Casualty has been around as long as Sleb Safari can remember and if you go on the Casualty website on BBC1 you get some pretty excellent factoids.

Like these about Duffy for example:

1 She once opened a clinic in Cambodia

2 She has three children, Peter, Jake and Paul

And Charlie?

1 The mother of his child, Baz, died in a car crash

2 He has a background in psychiatric care and has completed a trauma nursing course.

3 Charlie has a granddaughter named Megan

The second fact is a gem. “Has completed a trauma nursing course.” Did you ever?

Duffy, yes, yes real name Cathy, wants to move on from being a band 7 charge nurse and midwife and sink her teeth into new, juicy roles. Like Mrs Dracula. Or a period drama. But probably not Call The Midwife.

“You are who you are and perhaps I will play Duffy-type characters for the rest of my professional career but I would love to play more baddies and conflicted characters and go to the dark side a bit,” she told PA.

“Perhaps people who do bad things for good reasons? Also, having played most of my professional life in modern clothes, I would love to get into costumes and corsets.

“Another Downton please! But I would love to do the downstairs, I don’t know about being the grand lady. Or I would love to be Mrs Dracula, that kind of stuff.

“Or cover me in latex and let’s do Doctor Who. You’ve got to have Doctor Who on your CV. They have got to find a little strange weird character in there for me.”

Keeping your options open there Duffy; wise move. This woman can do anything and Sleb Safari has a long list of roles it wants her to tackle so listen up TV bosses. She could and should be the new landlord of the Old Vic; Dyer out, Duffy in. And Line of Duty needs a new, corrupt senior officer in AC-12. Let’s codename her character The Nurse and be done with it. You’re welcome, Jed Mercurio. Or what about casting Duffy as a veteran wrestler in Glow?

Duffy, have your people call Sleb Safari’s people. No need for a thank you; a cut of earnings plus a thank you when receiving awards will suffice.


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