Beer: Don't want to miss the best craft beers? There's an app for that

If a particular beer is being hyped up, you can be pretty sure that your chances of actually getting a sip of it are diminishing by the day
Paul McConville

THE more I write about beer, the more I get asked about beer. Barely a week goes by when I don't get emailed by an inquisitive reader wondering where they can find a particular beer, or where's the best place to find certain beers.

As with many things in life, the pursuit can often be as exciting as the eventual goal, and there is a great thrill in tracking down a beer you've been yearning for. However, with many breweries knocking out new beers at the same rate pop bands used to churn out single after single back when people actually bought them, some of the best beers around are very much in the 'blink and you'll miss it' category.

If a particular beer is being hyped up, you can be pretty sure that your chances of getting your hands on a bottle, can or glass of it are diminishing by the day.

Keeping across the latest beer news is not easy task, and also can seriously eat into your actual drinking time.

However, if you are keen to keep track of the beers you are drinking and want to find out some information on other beers and breweries, then there's an app for that – well, a couple actually.

Some of you may be already aware of Untapped. It's a kind of Facebook for beer. Once you sign up, you can log which beers you are drinking, give them a mini review and mark out of five. You can also see what other people are drinking and get a good idea of what beers are rated highly (spoiler alert: it's usually always barrel-aged imperial stouts which get the big marks).

Another feature of Untapped is that you can check out venues to see what craft beers they have on offer. Some venues which are verified will have their beer lists on the app, but in many other cases, users will rely on fellow users checking in beers wherever they are.

Another useful app for craft beer drinkers is Pint Please. This works similarly to Untapped in that you can log your drinking, but it has other useful features too.

For example you can scan the barcodes of various beers to find out a bit more about them, such as ratings and reviews, or search for a particular beer and find out where you can track it down.

These apps reinforce the community aspect of craft beer and are a great way to broaden your beer horizons.

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