Sleb Safari: A B&M Bargains' job is as worthwhile as a role in EastEnders

Katie Jarvis played Hayley Slater in EastEnders last year

SLEB Safari comes to you this week looking like a pumpkin, ie: round and off-colour. It’s not a Halloween costume, merely a reaction to having bought and eaten the entire 2019 trick or treat stash. In effect Sleb Safari played a trick on itself by eating all the treats and is now paying the price.

Good news has penetrated the sugar high and Sleb Safari was heartened to read the response to the ‘news’ that a former EastEnders cast member now works as a security guard at B&M Bargains.

Katie Jarvis played Hayley Slater in the soap and the Daily Star put her on its front page with ‘EastEnder Star Works In Shop’ as the headline. Yawn. What odds where she works?

Katie said she was made to feel “really embarrassed” before realising she has “nothing to be ashamed about”.

“Over my career, I’ve done my best to try and stay away from social gatherings, get-togethers and celebrity things to keep my private life as private as possible. So to wake up with my kids and see myself on the front pages just for simply having a job in between my acting, it really did hurt me,” she told BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show.

Katie Jarvis has been job shamed for working in B&M Bargains

The acting family weighed in behind Katie.

Fellow EastEnders alumni Tamzin Outhwaite said Katie’s ‘crime’ was “called grafting. Or not being afraid of hard work... or loving your family enough to drop your dream for a bit to earn a living so the family can live life".

Tamzin added: “Yes, I am a landlady, a voice-over artist, car-boot salesperson, art dealer, up-cyclist, interior designer, motivational speaker, and many other jobs... it’s what artists do to earn a living. They work in between jobs.”

Poirot involved himself in the discussion. David Suchet listed all the jobs he’s held, including unloading lorry loads of dog food and operating a lift in a block of flats.

“Keep on acting, don’t give up. It’s all part of your life experience which you will use even subconsciously,” he added, like a very wise acting coach.

Former Coronation Street actor Charlie Condou said when he left the show he “had a string of very nice TV and theatre jobs” and after that dried up he “got a job working in a restaurant to pay my bills and take care of my kids”.

“That’s what responsible adults do,” he concluded.

As always Kathy Burke got straight to the point: “Person gets job so her kids don’t starve? Good for her.”

It’s a sorry state of affairs when we act as though someone has had a fall from grace if they were once on a TV show and now have a ‘normal’ job.

The same thing happened last year when Geoffrey Owens, an actor from The Cosby Show, was spotted at work on a till in a branch of Trader Joe’s.

Afterwards Geoffrey said he hoped that, as a result of his job shaming, people would rethink "the honour of the working person and the dignity of work".

Beautiful words don’t you think?


Mariah Carey's Walkers Crisps' Christmas

Walkers crisps have enlisted the help of the world's most festive soul for their Christmas ad. That's right, elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey is the face of their new campaign.

“Everyone knows how festive I am, and it’s been fun getting into the holiday spirit this year with Walkers crisps – they’re irresistible!” Mariah ('s press release) says.

“I can’t say too much about the campaign yet, but there may be some fun twists at the end!”

Sleb Safari has only seen one photo and it looks as though a cardboard cut-out of a bag of crisps has been Photoshopped into her hand so that might be one of the fun twists. This Christmas campaign is shaping up beautifully.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mariah's iconic Merry Christmas album her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You is being re-released on November 1. Sound the Christmas klaxon! The festivities are under way!


Humble Kanye West Strikes Again

Another week another Kanye West boast. In a chat with Zane Lowe for his Apple Music Beats 1 show Kanye declared himself to be "unquestionably, undoubtedly the greatest human artist of all time".

Hey, if you've got it flaunt it, right Kanye?

But wait, there's more.

“There will be a time when I will be the president of the US and I will remember... any founder that didn’t have the capacity to understand culturally what we were doing.”

And we will be legion Kanye, we will be legion.


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