Craft Beer: Glas a sweet reminder that, yes, paeches come in a can

Glas, the new peaches beer from The White Hag Brewery

BACK in the day, when mentioning the Presidents of the United States of America didn't cause a shudder of fear to run down one's spine, the alternative rock band of the same name churned out some catchy little numbers.

One such track was Peaches and if your music taste is of the mid to late 90s vintage, then you're probably already singing the song in your head right now. Sorry about that.

To jog your memory, though, lead singer Chris Bellaw informed us that ‘Peaches come from a can/They were put there by a man/In a factory downtown'.

In this post-industrial world, when you're just as likely to see a factory as you are to come across a craft beer enthusiast who actually likes pumpkin beers, this tune may now sound like a lament for a lost era.

Still, with the current POTUS and Brexit throwing a dark cloud of uncertainty over most things these days, maybe stockpiling tinned peaches isn't the worst idea you'll come across.

Which brings me to this week's beer. White Hag, who, by and large, name their beers as Gaeilge, have a new milkshake IPA on the go which they've named Glas, which actually means ‘green'.

That can seem a bit misleading as this lactose-laced IPA is billed as being crammed full of peaches. Confused? You shouldn't be, it's just beer – nobody's going to be giving you an Irish test.

These peaches also come in a can, and were (as far as I can gather) put there by a man (or men, probably) in a ‘factory' in Sligo.

The beer pours an orange/amber colour and is practically opaque in the glass, with the bubbles which race up the side slowly settling down.

There's a fair few fruity aromas flying out of this one and a hint of sugary sweetness and you'll not be surprised that those flavours following through on to the palate. The lactose not only adds a smooth mouthfeel, it also gives this a creamy and vanilla taste which goes nicely with juicy flavours of the peaches.

There's a nice hit of sweet, biscuity manly and lovely fresh taste to this one as well. There's very little bitterness and the ease with which this one goes down is surprising since it clocks in at 6 per cent.

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