Beer: Equalizer and Good Vibes from Beer Hut

Equalizer from Beer Hut
Paul McConville

DEPENDING on your age and knowledge of TV and cinema, the name Edward Woodward may conjure up different images.

We're talking about the actor here, not the hap-hazard Manchester United vice-chairman who seems to have the same amount of transfer nous as a kid in the 80s trying to apply one of those temporary tattoos you used to get in a bubble gum packet.

Speaking of the 80s, though, Edward Woodward was a familiar face on late-night TV long after he had said face scorched off him in 1970s horror classic The Wicker Man. Back then, he was known as The Equalizer, the gun for hire who could help people out of sticky situations.

Going by their previous form of referencing 1980s hip-hop, I'm not entirely convinced that Beer Hut's naming of their latest lactose IPA as Equalizer doesn't feature a nod to the silver-haired vigilante.

You can certainly get yourself into a sticky situation with Equalizer, even from the moment you float your nose over it. It throws up inviting aromas of tropical fruits and a slight piney hint too.

Dive in and there's a hefty dose of pineapple and grapefruit – yep, in the words of the Lilt commercial from back in the day, a 'totally tropical taste'. It's got nice, spikey carbonation which explodes these flavours around the mouth like popping candy. The lactose lends a nice, smooth finish.

One of my bug bears with some 'milkshake' IPAs is that the lactose can sometimes make them too sickly sweet. However, Beer Hut have got it spot on once again with their judicious use of lactose here. It clocks in at a hefty 6.8 per cent, but hides the strength well – which could also get you into a sticky situation.

Now, we know by the now that the guys at Beer Hut love their tunes and another of their latest IPAs certainly chimes with that. Good Vibes is another one that's north of 6 per cent abv, but it's light and fruity and could easily pass for a beer half the strength.

There are flavours of stone fruit and lemon with low-level bitterness that makes this one very drinkable.

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