Marie Louise McConville: There's nothing private any more thanks to social media

The idea of a `Period Party' a ridiculous notion
Marie Louise McConville

Is nothing sacred any more?

It seems with the explosion of social media, nothing is private as some people feel they simply must share absolutely everything, all the time.

Well I think that is just really sad.

It may sound old fashioned but I believe there are some things that should be kept private and off limits.

Despite my kids being quite young, I have always sought to respect their privacy about certain things.

Now and again I share photos of them but certainly, never anything I consider to be private.

I think things like their first day at school or their graduation day from nursery is fine but never anything about their health and certainly I would never never share a photograph of one of them feeling ill as they wait in A&E or in a hospital bed to be followed, of course, by the standard sad face emoji.

However, some parents do.

Personally, I just think it is in such poor taste.

And it gets worse.

Suddenly, the subject of `Period Parties' has raised its nasty head.

Designed to help girls embrace their first periods, some magazines have described them as a great way to help young women learn more about the so called taboo subject without feeling judged or ashamed.

In addition, we're told period parties provide a place where young women can laugh about their menstruation mistakes rather than feel gross, and celebrate their changing bodies.

Of course, some celebrities have already pledged to throw period parties for their daughters.

American actress Busy Philipps has reportedly said on social media that she is `already so excited to throw a first period party for my girls!".

I have to say I am horrified that such a thing even exists.

Why on earth would any mother or parent even think about throwing a party telling the world that her child has become a woman?

To me, this should be a time for sensitivity and understanding.

It is a life-changing time for any young girl and can be a frightening and confusing time.

Not to mention the discomfort and pain.

So why then would I take to social media to announce it and embarrass her?

Worse still, why would I blow up balloons, send out invites and throw a party?

I can imagine nothing worse for any little girl.

Not every little girl wants their friends or any others to know - I know I didn't.

It made me feel anxious and I only hope I can use my experience to help my daughter when the time comes.

However, I certainly won't be telling anyone.

As a mother, it's my job to protect my children and sometimes that means saying nothing.


Guys, now you have no excuse not to cuddle and spoon.

A very clever man has invented the Coodle Pillow, a new type of pillow designed to help couples spoon without the arm numbness and pain.

The curved-shaped design sits neatly over the top of the arm meaning its possible to rest the head without fear of it causing discomfort.

The product was invented by man who was struck by the idea as his girlfriend lay on his arm.

How romantic.

Come on guys, no more excuses.

Let the spooning commence.



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