What's In It? Calpol

Paracetamol is the active ingredient in Calpol

WE REVEAL the ingredients in everyday products. This week: Calpol

MALTITOL LIQUID: Hydrogenated corn syrup combined with maltitol, a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute.

SORBITOL LIQUID: Another alcohol sugar used in combination with maltitol liquid to form the basis of the medicine.

DISPERSIBLE CELLULOSE: The structural component of Calpol, which ‘carries’ the active ingredient (paracetamol).

XANTHAN GUM: A food stabiliser and thickener that stops the medicine splitting into separate ingredients.

PARACETAMOL: The active ingredient in Calpol, paracetamol is a mild painkiller. The exact working mechanism is not known, but it is accepted that it dampens the intensity of pain signals received by the brain and stops the release of substances which increase pain and body temperature.

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