Craft beer: Game on for Lacada and Beer Hut's double IPA 2 Player

2 Player from Lacada and Beer Hut
Paul McConville

FROM the days of the Atari 2600 to the multi-platform, multi-player gizmos of nowadays which can easily rob you of half a day in the blink of an eye, computer games have always been the source of great entertainment.

What makes them even more fun is playing with friends – unless of course you're all huddled around an arcade machine and the two-player option requires you to both stand in such close proximity and elbow each other as if you're both trying to grab a half-price telly on Black Friday.

Of course, instead of competing against each other, two players can actually work together – which is kind of the philosophy of the local craft beer community.

Two heavy hitters in Lacada and Beer Hut got together recently to produce a double IPA called 2 Player, which clocks in just over 8 per cent abv and features a retro image of a video game controller on the front of the 440ml can.

The beer pours a dark amber, almost brown colour and there's a fair bit of murk going on. The bubbles race up the side of the glass, but the carbonation is pretty light on this one, to the point of being almost flat by the time you get the bottom. A lot of fizz can help the flavour of the beer wash around all parts of the mouth, but on this occasion, the flavour doesn't take much finding, it's pretty much in your face from the get go.

Fizz comes from the CO2 generated when the yeast and the sugars interact and is a by-product of the alcohol that is created. This is a beer with a huge dollop of grain to feast on for the yeast, hence the high alcohol content and perhaps the CO2 didn't just follow through.

It certainly doesn't impair the enjoyment of the beer – far from it – and it made me wonder if the smoothness might make it an ideal candidate for cask conditioning.

There are nice big sticky, juicy aromas flying out on the pour. Once this washes over the palate, you get a big whack of mango and peach, and even a hint of pear. It's a wonderfully fruity number, and there's next to no bitterness on the finish. Oh, and that 8 per cent abv? Nowhere to be seen. You could tell me it was half that strength and I'd be none the wiser, even less so after a couple of these.

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