Marie Louise McConville: I'm infuriated by drivers who think they are above the law

Drivers who flout the law should face the full weight of the law (Stock image)
Marie Louise McConville

Honestly, some people.

I know we all have our faults and can all take the biscuit sometimes but some people just really wind me up.

I've always been a great believer that we are all equal.

No matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have - at the end of the day, we are all the same.

So, why then do some people think they are above the law?

Unless you were on another planet in recent times, you will have heard about Prince Philip's car crash near Sandringham in Norfolk.

The 97-year-old's Land Rover Freelander ended up on its side after it was involved in a collision with a Kia, which left a woman in the other vehicle with a broken wrist.

While I'm sure it was an shocking experience for all involved, I was infuriated to see the royal pictured two days later driving his new flashy Land Rover without wearing a seatbelt.

When the photos were published, police simply said they had spoken to the driver.

So, that's it then?

Shouldn't stronger action have been taken against this arrogant man?

Doesn't he know the injuries he and others could suffer as a result of him not wearing a seatbelt?

Of course, he's not the only one flouting the law.

Driving home from work through Belfast city centre the other night, I was left absolutely dumbfounded when I saw the driver in the car in front of me talking on her phone.

Nothing new in that I suppose except this driver was having a Facetime conversation - talking face to face with someone on the other end of her mobile.

I could clearly see the mobile phone sitting in a holder on the right had side of the windscreen and a young female on the other end chatting away and the driver clearly watching the phone - not the road.

Their animated conversation continued through the city centre until the red Astra car turned off in another direction.

It was absolutely appalling behaviour.

This woman could easily have run into someone or another car as she was clearly so busy watching the screen.

Why do some people think it's ok to behave like this?

Have they not seen the adverts which show the damage that can be caused if drivers are distracted by phones in the car?

It's time people started to respect the law and understand it is there to protect us all, especially from those who think it's fine to risk all our lives.


A big thanks to the many readers who contacted me about my column about cats destroying our garden at home.

While I'm sorry that so many of you are experiencing the same problem, I am very appreciative of all the tips you have offered about how to stop cats leaving their dirty business on our grass.

From leaving lemon and orange peels around the garden to sprinkling cayenne pepper, lavender oil or ground coffee around the place, my eyes have been opened.

I've already started implementing some of these. I'll keep you posted.



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