Radio review: Bunk bed confessions make for perfect listening

Nuala McCann

Bunk Bed Radio 4

From Our Own Correspondent Radio 4

Wide East Anglian Sky Radio 4

“Bunk Bed on Radio 4 is beloved by broadsheet critics but don't let that put you off” wrote the Metro's reviewer.

It's a strange premise. Two middle aged fellas lying in bunk beds chatting late at night.

It's dozy, lights-off kind of chat... slightly confessional, intimate.

Peter Curran is one of the men and he has a great thick old Belfast accent.

These are strange meanderings ... God, one of them even farts, not Peter, the other one. Right lads, we know you're lying in the bunks, but honestly?

You can hear them turning over in the bunk beds in the darkness.

They chat about the link between short trousers and bullying.

Turns out Peter was “mocked” at school.

“Were you a bit Spandau?” asks the breaking wind one. He's Patrick Marber.

Peter wasn't gay, but he was mocked and bullied for it any way. He wore short trousers on his first day at big school... walked into a school assembly hall of 400 boys, none of whom were wearing short trousers.

”They turned to me as one and laughed,” he sighed.

The conversation turned to the worst thing you ever said to your mother.

Mid-argument, Curran confessed he had said: “Don't worry mum there wasn't a day growing up that we didn't know how unhappy you were.” Ouch.

There's a reason why Seaside in Florida seems unreal. It looks like a film set – because it was one.

This was the backdrop for the Truman Show. Remember Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank – the man who thinks he's living a life but is really acting on a huge TV set and is the unsuspecting star of a reality television show.

James Stewart – appropriate name given the theme - had fun exploring.

Wide East Anglian Sky is one in a series of musical odysseys presented by Laura Barton.

One woman told her that, as a small girl, she fell in love with Norwich because it smelled of chocolate... that would be the Rowntree factory.

Laura met Jenny and Rosa of teen pop fame - Let's Eat Grandma - the name alone had me hooked.

Monks playing hide n seek, evensong in the cathedral, bells ringing, whispered murmurs, a ball bounced in a dark underpass.

This was just beautiful.

Yes of course it was a Falling Tree production.... It had to be.

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