TV review: Bear Grylls pushes actor Warwick Davis to the limit in wildest corners of Lake District

Bear's Mission with Warwick Davis on ITV. Picture by Betty TV/ ITV

Bear's Mission with Warwick Davis, Tuesday, ITV, 9pm

From starring roles in Star Wars and Harry Potter, actor Warwick Davis is no stranger to adventure.

So what better way to test his daring streak than pairing him with Bear Grylls and sending him into the wildest corners of the Lake District.

In the latest episode from Bear, who takes celebrities into the great outdoors, forcing them to test themselves to the limit, Warwick joins him at the place where he has spent numerous family holidays.

You would think over the years the actor would have explored the lakes, forests and mountains the area has in abundance, but by his own admission, Warwick's love of the Lake District is more closely associated with the quaint tea rooms and scenic car journeys.

It's not long, however, before survival expert Bear turns the Lake District into an assault course of epic proportions, putting Warwick through his paces as they cross rocky terrains and woodlands.

There's a bit of a funny start when Bear arrives in a helicopter at their planned meeting spot, only to find Warwick is waiting in the wrong location.

"Nothing looks the same on a map as it does in real life," says Warwick.

"I feel like I'm on a date with someone and they've stood me up. I'm all ready to go, dressed to impress and my date's not here."

But Bear quickly spies him and after picking him up on the from the edge of a cliff, their adventure begins with a difficult rock climb that leaves Warwick wondering what exactly he has let himself in for.

Abseiling down a sheer 200-foot drop, sleeping in a damp cave and catching fish in a river, Warwick's smaller stature doesn't stop him taking on the extreme physical challenges set for him.

Undaunted, he takes on ravine after ravine, moving from one cliff to the next - matching Bear at every turn he takes.

But behind the bravado, the episode sees Warwick explain the hardships he has had to overcome throughout his life as a result of his condition, spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita - an inherited bone growth disorder that results in short stature, known as dwarfism.

"In life, as a little person, you have to be quite resourceful," he says.

"The world is not designed for somebody short."

And while it is clear he won't let the physical side of the challenges defeat him, it's Bear's choice of food that finally pushes him over the limit. The self-confessed fussy eater is horrified when a fish eyeball is among the delicacies on offer.

It may not be the Lake District that he has become accustomed to over the years, but Warwick appears to have enjoyed the adventure he has been taken on.

"The thing I've learnt about Bear Grylls is keep him at a safe distance behind your television screen, because in real life, he's a nightmare,"he said.

"Seriously though, Bear has this wonderful way of getting people to reconnect with nature and life, which is something I've tried to retain since coming back from my time with him."

You have to admire Warwick's sheer determination in taking on the demanding assault course that was the Lake District and in highlighting the difficulties his condition entails.

And for thrill seeker Bear, it appears the journey he shared with Warwick was extraordinary too.

"This journey was such a special one for me," he says.

"Warwick smashed through so many of the stereotypes of who can adventure and what people can do. He is an inspiration to so many and I am so proud of what he achieved on this journey."

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