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Nuala McCann

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People might think pictures on the internet are free, but they're not ... and that's a salutary lesson for everyone.

Beware, beware, beware.

A listener to the consumer affairs programme, You and Yours, said he had used a photograph of Ravi Shankar he found on the internet to illustrate a workshop around world music for schools.

John Ellis did try to check where the picture came from but could not find who held the copyright. So Ravi went up on the website and then John got an email saying he had infringed copyright law and, later, a letter asking for £740.

The message from lawyer Steve Kuncewicz was very clear. If you are running a website, innocence is not too much of an excuse.

A recent episode of The Digital Human examined the theme of regret – that sinking feeling, that would-have, should-have, could-have feeling ... regrets, we've all had a few.

The programme felt philosophical and a little difficult to grasp at times, but the human interest stories were strong.

There was an interview with a woman who says her life has changed completely - 180 degrees change – after she was on the plane that landed on the Hudson river in 2009. She came close to losing her life, walked away and does not have regrets about it. She only regrets that she kept a lot of what she felt afterwards to herself.

Simon Yates features in the book and film Touching the Void.

Back in 1995, he cut the rope his climbing partner, Joe Simpson, was dangling from up a mountain in the middle of nowhere in Peru.

Sat in a storm in a sugary bucket of snow, his position became more and more desperate as he felt the weight of Joe at the other end of the rope and was forced to make a terrible decision.

After about two hours, he cut the rope. He spent a miserable night wondering what happened to Joe. In the morning, he saw an ice cliff and thought Joe was dead. Joe wasn't.

In the end, they both survived.

Simon told the programme he had been asked many times about regretting cutting that rope. He doesn't, he says.

Newsjack Unplugged is a podcast from the team behind Newsjack on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

To celebrate, they're featuring some of the funniest news stories of the year so far online for your amusement.

Take the London student who discovered a massive crunchy nut cornflake in his cereal box; take the Canadian Zoo owners who are facing charges for taking their bear out in the car for an ice cream or take the story that sharks love jazz... they associate it with food!

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