Craft Beer: Co Down brewer Farmegeddon's ANZAC packed with Antipodean zest

ANZAC is a pale ale made with Australian and New Zealand hops

SOMETIMES it’s easy to feel like more a weatherman than a beer writer/bluffer these days. I’ve definitely got a lifetime’s experience of the former and only (legally) 22 years experience of the latter.

However, it seems that weather and beer have been going together for much longer than I have been combining the two. But what you do find is that when the sun makes an all-too rare appearance, crisp and refreshing is the order of the day.

So with that in mind, here’s a couple of Farmageddon brews which are sure to elicit that satisfyingly refreshed ‘ah’ if the sun stays high in the sky.

First up is ANZAC, a name that evokes Gallipoli and all that and with good reason. This is a pale ale with antipodean roots, Australian and New Zealand hops crammed into the generous pint bottle.

Appropriately named Summer and Galaxy, the hops used in this 4.5 per cent pale ale are designed to give it a zesty, fruity flavour. But there’s also a fair bit of sweet, biscuity malt up front too. That much malt could lead to a bit of cloying feel, but this gets it just right with enough refreshing zest. It has fairly light carbonation and goes down rather smoothly.

As well as the big bottle, ANZAC has also been popping up on draught and cask in Belfast and further afield.

Farmegeddon have also hopped on board the canning train with their most recent creation – a New England IPA. The Co Down brewers like to run with the line ‘It may be cloudy, harden up, it’s craft beer.’

Well, in keeping with the NEIPA style and their own signature style, this is an almost opaque number in the glass. It comes in a 440ml can, ensuring freshness and flavour, although all IPAs are better drunk as soon after they’re brewed as possible (that said, don’t be pitching up at the brewery with a thirsty glass).

This one is crammed full of fruity flavours too, much more so than ANZAC, and has a much bitter finish to it. Take a gulp and you get pineapple, mango, a bit of peach and strong citrus flavours, with a little peel in there too. It packs more of punch than ANZAC (the beer, not the forces obviously) weighing in at 6.5 per cent.

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