Sleb Safari: Three cheers for the Australian boy who holidayed in Bali after 'borrowing' a credit card

A 12-year-old boy took himself to Bali on the kind of holiday we'll all enjoy, ie all-expenses paid

DID you hear about the Australian child who had a disagreement with his parents about a cancelled holiday to Bali and proceeded to ‘borrow’ his mum’s credit card and book his own flights and hotel on the Indonesian island?

The kid is something else. He’s Sleb Safari’s new hero. Obv if he was Sleb Safari’s own child it would have grounded his 12-year-old self for life.

The boy booked a flight from Sydney to Bali via Perth and told his parents he was setting up for school but headed to the nearest train station, made his way to Sydney airport and boarded the flight with an airline he had chosen because it lets 12-year-olds fly unaccompanied.

He used a self-service check-in terminal in Sydney and told the Nine Network in Australia that he was stopped and questioned once by airline officials and that was in Perth.

"They just asked for my student ID and passport to prove that I am over 12 and that I am in secondary school.

"It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure."

The boy already had his hotel booked and on checking in to the All Seasons hotel told staff he was waiting on his big sister to arrive.

He then enjoyed four blissful days on Bali. It’s amazing that he he wasn’t rumbled sooner. Did he forage in the mini bar or did he just keep charging meals to his room?

He was eventually caught when his school reported his absence and he was traced to Bali courtesy of a photograph he’d shared with a friend which showed him chillaxing in the hotel pool.

Bali police went to the hotel and according to the boy locked himself into his room and officers had to unscrew the window to gain access.

Sleb Safari loves the idea of ‘borrowing’ someone else’s credit card and going on an all-expenses paid holiday. It's cute when a 12-year-old does it but maybe not so much when a 40-something is freeloading.

At the heels of the hunt the boy's parents flew to Bali to collect him from police custody. He told an Australian show that when his parents arrived he got a hug from his dad but not his mum because "she was angry". You think?

If this child can pull something like this off at age 12 what are his parents going to have to contend with when he hits his teens???? Bet your own children don't seem such a handful after all...


Kanye West and John Legend's text conversation made public

Let us make a return visit to the world of Kanye West who appears to have been doing nothing for the past fortnight except tweeting. The battery life on his phone is seriously impressive.

In the midst of his tweetathon Kanye has reiterated his support for Donald Trump and his words have alarmed plenty of people.

Among those who reached out to him privately was John Legend. John texted Kanye to let him know that he had concerns about his friend’s endorsement of the US president.

Kanye made the conversation public via his favourite social platform and John managed to give us a giggle in the process. Here’s their exchange:


Kanye West's understatement of the year

Hat tip to Kanye West for giving us the understatement of 2018 despite the fact we’re still in April.

"I no longer have a manager,” he tweeted. “I can't be managed."

Never a truer word was typed...


Social Media Smut


This made me cry!!!Tears of Joy??

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