Sleb Safari: Is Adele a wedding planner now?

Adele has now added 'wedding planner' to a crowded CV which already includes pop star and 'national treasure'

NUPTIAL news from Alan Carr who has married his fella in a ceremony officiated by Adele who has apparently become a one-woman wedding machine.

Adele not only married the couple, she planned the wedding, hosted it in her home and sang at the reception. That must have saved Alan and Paul a fortune. Take note, newly engaged couples – Adele might do you a deal.

The big day happened in January but Alan has only got around to telling us about it in the month of April.

The first stop on his nuptial nattering tour was The One Show.

"I didn’t win a competition; she is a friend," he told Matt and Alex.

"We’ve known her for ages and when we told her we were getting married she said, ‘Can I please plan the whole day for you?’

"We go in there and there’s a grand piano with a man playing Ordinary People and then she sang our songs with the first dance. It was absolutely amazing."

Alan continued: "I can never repay her. She’s a one-off. As we all know, she’s just the best."

The next stop was This Morning where he had a chat with Rylan and Emma.

“She got ordained and she married us,” he told them.

"She is the kindest, most sweetest. It was the best day of my life. She’s the loveliest person going. What you see is what you get. Simon her lovely partner [too]. It was lovely.

"I just want to tell everyone. She won’t say because she’s so private. Flowers, three-course meal, she just planned it all. It was the best day of our life," he added.

Adele once stayed with Alan and Paul when she was getting over a break-up. She hibernated in a spare room and they left trays of food outside the door. Nice of her to return the favour.

Now that Adele is turning her hand to wedding planning, Sleb Safari would like to see other A-listers diversify. Except for Katy Perry. You wouldn’t want her anywhere near your wedding. What if she themed it along the lines of the video for California Gurls? Avoid. Avoid. Avoid

Lady GaGa, though, she’d organise a brilliant wedding. And, if you asked nicely, she’d probably wear her meat dress to officiate with a sirloin steak slapped on like a perishable beret.

Come on slebs, do us all a favour and branch out into wedding planning.


Meghan Markle 'misses civilian life'

Since signing up to a lifetime of accepting bunches of supermarket flowers from small children Meghan Markle has had to delete her Twitter and Instagram and shelve her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

This social media ban could have far reaching consequences.

Did Meghan really cook scrambled eggs if she didn’t post a picture on Instagram with #nofilter ?

According to a source who gave Now! Magazine a call, this imposed social media silence is the bit of ‘civilian life’ Meghan misses the most.

“She’s having withdrawal symptoms from the online community,” the source whispered down the phone.

Chin up Meghan, best to go cold turkey now so that you’re looking your best for the wedding. And just think how many more hours you’re going to have in the day now to arrange those flowers.



Georgia Taylor in awkward selfie request

Georgia Taylor. Picture from @RealGeorgiaT on Twitter

PICTURE it; you’ve made an appointment with your GP to get to the bottom of your flatulence problem. You’re on the telly so you know there’s a good chance someone’s going to recognise you in the waiting room but you’re hoping to be left in peace to flick through an out of date Tatler.

Step forward Georgia Taylor who plays Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street and who found herself being asked for a selfie in the doctor’s waiting room. Georgia shared her plight on Twitter.

"You have no idea what I’m here for and it’s completely inappropriate, but apparently I’M the ‘rude’ one for saying no..."

Georgia, next time tell the person you’re there to see the doctor about a rash. That’ll keep them at bay.


Social Media Smut

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