Games: Criminally ignored masterpiece Bayonetta 2 ideal for gaming on the go

Bayonetta 2 is Platinum Games at their best
Neil McGreevy

Bayonetta 2 (Switch)

By: Nintendo

NINTENDO pretty much gave up on "mature" gaming after the Gamecube, but when the odd glimpse of boob or blood snuck past for the dads, they were pretty special.

Top of the heap was Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2, which now gets the do-over treatment on Switch. Kicking off in sixth gear, it was more refined than the original, with tighter combat, better graphics and the same frenzied ultraviolence as our titular witch kicked angel and demon butt in high-style.

Boiling over with distinctly un-Nintendo T&A designed to fizz teen testosterone, the camera was constantly poking its business end around our pneumatic star's ample assets. And to go with that stripper's body was a docker's gob, meaning this is definitely one for the older Switch audience.

Bayonetta 2 is Platinum Games at their best, and some of its busier moments could induce epilepsy in a corpse. Tearing through enemies and looking great doing it is the name of the game, its intricate showmanship flowing from a digital ballet that pilfers as much from dancing games as it does fighters.

Our heroine has guns, swords and bazookas attached to her feet, using her raven locks to summon demonic fisticuffs and complete ludicrous combo strings – but it isn't all mindless button-mashing. Somewhere down the line you'll have that moment where everything clicks in a Zen way and you begin wiping out enemies with nary a hair out of place, even as you bodyslam legions of evil angels with your a*se.

On Switch, the higher frame rate makes a game that was never a visual slouch look even better in both docked and handheld modes, amping up its kaleidoscope of carnage to a buttery-smooth 60fps. The real attraction here, though, is the ability to play anywhere you like – and given Bayonetta's short, explosive set-pieces, it's perfectly suited to gaming on the go.

Wii U ports are the lifeblood of the Switch. Given no-one played them first time around, these criminally ignored masterpieces – all gussied up and handheld-ready – help plug the gaps between Nintendo's Switch exclusives and show a new generation why the Wii U's failure was so unfair.

If you already have the originals, though, there isn't enough new here to warrant a double dip, unless, of course, you fancy taking Bayonetta on the go. If, like the vast majority of gamers, you skipped the Wii U entirely, this is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with Bayonetta in preparation for its Switch-exclusive threequel.

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