Four ways in which grapefruit can provide health benefits

February is National Grapefruit Month
Four ways in which grapefruit can provide health benefits

GIVEN that we are now in the middle National Grapefruit Month – who knew? – here are four surprising health benefits to sink your teeth into.

1. They boost your immune system

Constantly getting colds? Grapefruits are packed with flu-busting vitamin C, which many of us lack in our diets. Micronutrient deficiencies of this crucial vitamin have been found to alter immune responses in animals and are thought to have a similar effect on the human immune response. Studies have also found that maintaining good levels of vitamin C in the body can reduce the severity of cold symptoms.

2. They keep your skin healthy

Grapefruits also pack a powerful vitamin A punch. These two wonder vitamins combined are the perfect formula for healthy skin. Grapefruit extract applied topically has been found to have some pretty potent anti-ageing benefits, and it can even fight off free radicals. If you don't fancy smearing it on your face, a grapefruit a day will provide the body with all important nutrients essential for clear, glowy and blemish-free skin.

3. They can reduce gum disease

Nobody wants to look down in the sink after brushing their teeth and see blood, but if you do find yourself in this unlucky scenario, perhaps another red liquid is the answer. Studies have found that those suffering from gum disease greatly benefit from eating two grapefruits per day, thanks to the fruit's high levels of vitamin C, which promote wound healing and cut damage by unstable free radical molecules.

4. They lower cholesterol

While doctors aren't quite sure how grapefruits interact with cholesterol, though antioxidants may be the answer, studies have shown they can lower LDLs – lower density lipoprotein or 'bad cholesterol'. In particular, red grapefruits appear to lower cholesterol more effectively than their white counterparts. However, if you're already on medication for cholesterol – or anything else for that matter – you may want to consult your doctor before adding grapefruit to your diet.

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