Sleb Safari: Harrison Ford once punched Ryan Gosling

Harrison Ford is preparing to play Indiana Jones for a fifth time

TABLE quiz fans, did you know that at the start of Harrison Ford’s career movie studio bosses wanted him to change his name and he proposed changing it to Kurt Affair?

He chose the name because he thought the idea was ridiculous and it was the most ridiculous name he could think of. The movie studio wasn’t impressed and let him hang on to his own name.

Sleb Safari knows this because it read an illuminating interview with him in GQ magazine in which he tries desperately hard not to reveal too much about himself and only to revisit anecdotes already shared.

Harrison has a new film coming out in a couple of weeks called Blade Runner 2049 and he shares a story with GQ about striking co-star Ryan Gosling while filming.

“I punched Ryan Gosling in the face… Ryan Gosling's face was where it should not have been.”

The journalist asks him to elaborate.

“His job was to be out of the range of the punch. My job was also to make sure that I pulled the punch. But we were moving, and the camera was moving, so I had to be aware of the angle to the camera to make the punch look good. You know, I threw about a hundred punches in the shooting of it, and I only hit him once.”

So he should be grateful? the journalist asks.

“I have pointed that out.”

You can hear Harrison Ford saying the words in his characteristic droll manner.

The interviewer asks whether it was all Ryan’s fault and Harrison drawls “No… I mean, I suppose it's 90 per cent his fault”.

In Ryan Gosling’s telling of the story Indy, oops, Harrison, came to his dressing room afterwards with a bottle of scotch, poured his injured co-star a glass and then left with the bottle.

Harrison confirms that account.

“Yeah? What – did he expect the whole bottle? You know, I figured one drink would fix it. That was enough.”

While Sleb Safari is not a Blade Runner enthusiast it is very much an Indiana Jones fan which means it thinks the only Indiana Jones films worth watching are the three made in the 1980s.

Sleb Safari would happily eat monkey brains and race through a mine in a cart if it meant the theme music would start and Indy would appear.

The good news is that there’s going to be a fifth film and there’s no need to be one bit concerned that Harrison will be 77 by the time filming starts late next year.

Let’s face it, the brown leather jacket might look more lived in but will still fit just as well.

Remember, it’s not the years honey, it’s the mileage.


Bianca Jagger and her epic morning routine

Bianca Jagger

WHAT’S your morning routine? Sleb Safari’s involves getting as long in bed as possible without being late for work so it’s mornings are more of a sprint than a leisurely cup of tea at the kitchen table watching a squirrel play in the trees.

Bianca Jagger wins hands down at this whole morning routine business.

Vanity Fair asked her how she started her day and Bianca gave them a list of activities that would make most people blush.

“Get up; drink hot water with lemon; have a bath; stretch and exercise; eat porridge; drink green tea; listen to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme; read the Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times; do my social media; and go to work at the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.”

Honestly, everything up to the “go to work” part is a full weekend worth of busyness. How many hours is she putting in at the foundation? Sleb Safari could manage, say, 45 minutes if it had to read three newspapers and squeeze in a visit to the gym before work.

Bianca, what is in your green tea???


George Clooney and his privileged twins

George and Amal Clooney

JUST when you thought you couldn’t adore George and Amal Clooney any more along comes another interview in which he reminds you of their humanitarian chops.

George said he has always felt “a great sense of responsibility to other people in the world” and wants his children to feel the same.

“I want to make sure my children understand they have been given things other children haven’t been by accident of birth,” he told the Daily Mail.

“They could just as easily have been born in Syria and their lives would have been completely different.

“It’s challenging to remind children who have been born into this glass of celebrity and money to have empathy for people who aren’t as fortunate as they are. That’s going to be Amal’s and my job to teach our children, and it’s an important one.”

That it is George, that it is.


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