Fed up with those niggling headaches? Some techniques to keep them at bay

Fed up with those niggling headaches? Sam Wylie-Harris offers some DIY remedies that could work wonders

Headache In Office

HEADACHES are one of the most common health complaints. In fact, according to the NHS, more than 10 million people in Britain and Northern Ireland suffer from them regularly. See your GP if you experience severe or continuing headaches, especially if you've got other symptoms, but in the vast majority of cases, headaches are not a sign of anything serious.

While head pain can be draining and distressing, there are lots of actions you can take to gain respite that don't involve popping a pill (in fact, long-term painkiller use can sometimes cause chronic headaches). Next time you're struck with an annoying throb on the crown, try these simple lifestyle remedies to alleviate your suffering.

:: Breathe

Take some deep breaths, and try to inhale deeply from your stomach, expanding and contracting the abdomen, which clears the way for a full breathing cycle; sometimes ensuring there's a good flow of oxygen to the brain can help relieve pain. Taking deep breaths also helps to instantly calm you if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, conditions often associated with headaches.

:: Keep well hydrated

Headaches can be caused by dehydration, so the best thing to do is take in plenty of fluids. Start by taking small, regular sips and you should feel better in a couple of hours.

:: Massage techniques

Massaging the neck area and pressure points can help relieve pain. Even a little light kneading on the temples can bring relief. Applying pressure to the ridge of the neck and walking your fingers from the shoulders up to the neck and down again can release tension from the body.

:: Lights out

Taking time out, closing your eyes and lying down in a dark, quiet room for at least 20 minutes can help. Many headaches (especially migraines) can be triggered by sensory stimuli, such as bright or flickering lights.

:: Hot shower

Taking a hot shower can bring welcome relief. The sensation of hot water flowing over the head is not only comforting, but can take your mind off the pain.

:: Chamomile tea

A soothing cup of chamomile can help reduce inflammation and relieve anxiety. Chamomile contains compounds that can ease pain and relax you. Also available in liquid extract and a skin ointment, try dabbing it on the temples.

:: Walk it off

A fast walk in the fresh air can help clear the mind. Circulating the system and filling your lungs with air will provide your body with much-needed oxygen. If it's a really bad headache, wear sunglasses to dim sunlight.

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