Radio review: Ed Sheeran has taste on Desert Island Discs

Nuala McCann

Pick of the Week Radio Ulster

Desert Island Discs Radio 4

It’s the sun that lifts us. We don’t see a lot of it, but it made Marathon Day this year in Belfast very special.

Having stood on grey street corners watching the stragglers plod past as the rain drizzled down the back of my neck, the most recent run was wonderful.

And that joie de vivre was captured by clips from the day presented by Kim Lenaghan on Pick of the Week.

Hats off to the woman at the marathon who ran as a member of the Norwegian Appreciation Society.

What’s that, eh? Well, just trying saying it with a Belfast accent... “How about an’or wee gin?”

I’ll drink to that.

Ed Sheeran was on Desert Island Discs.

He may be now enjoying enormous success, but apparently he was “a weird kid” and had huge blue NHS specs with a port wine birthmark and a bad stammer.

He also had a burst eardrum and couldn’t go swimming – and you make mates going swimming.

So far, so not so good.

He didn’t get to watch much television either when he was a kid – he was encouraged to be artistic – painting and music. He only really got to see David Attenborough on VHS.

But life turned out well for the multi-millionaire and I’d forgive him anything because he chose Carrickfergus by Van Morrison and the Chieftains, as well as a Foy Vance number – the guy has taste.

Besides, for all that fame and fortune has gifted him, he still savours the simple things in life.

With all that wealth, he splashed out on a new kitchen for his mum and dad. Awww. Yes, kitchens are expensive, mate.

For his luxury, he wanted a bottle of ketchup for his desert island... when you go to a place to eat and order fish and chips and there’s no ketchup... what’s that about, he asked.

He got a life time’s supply for his island.

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