Radio review: Compelling stories of real lives

Nuala McCann


She was a teacher. She had a good life – a husband and a family. She was “middle aged, middle class, well turned out.”

It couldn't be her. No-one in school knew. How would they?

She hardly thought it herself.

“Alcoholics were these people on park benches in dirty clothes,” she said, not her.

But it was her. She'd hold it all together, then rush home to down a bottle of red wine.

She'd resent having to stay behind for a meeting at school because she couldn't get home for her drink.

She moved from bottles to boxes – because it would be easier to hide how much she had drunk from her husband.

She would pass out on the sofa, struggle to bed and wake up to throw up.

Eventually, she reached her rock bottom – she went to group support, she gave up and has not had a drink since June 29, 2012.

It was sheer desperation that brought her to call an end to her drinking.

Not that she fools herself that it is over – there are days she does not visit the shops because she'd love a drink.

And why did she share her story? For her sister who was struggling on, who had not reached her rock bottom yet.

For others and their families, to give them hope through terrible times.

The power of iPM is in the deeply personal nature of the stories – it is shared intimacy on everything that is human.

This is just one podcast out of many available to listen to at your leisure.

You can hear about what it's like to be a binge eater, listen to what you should do if you are being stalked, find out how not to get burgled.

iPM is about other people's lives and their stories are utterly compelling.

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